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Totally Wicked Holiday Hours

Totally Wicked Customer Service Hours of Operations for the Thanksgiving Holiday
24 November 2014

Constructing concern about particulates from e-cigarettes

One of the more recent concerns about e-cigarettes to come from opponents of vaping is that of ultrafine particles and…
21 November 2014

Debate rages regarding e-cigarette advertising in the UK.

Debate is currently raging in the UK over new rulings that as from the 10th November, e-cigarettes can be advertised…
14 November 2014

Greeley City Council acting with sense regarding e-cigarettes

Greely City Council in Colorado has bucked the trend of city councils mindlessly banning e-cigarettes in public places…
07 November 2014

Public Health leaders need to work with vaping advocates

Published in MedCity News, one vaping advocate calls out Public Health to stop abusing and discrediting the hundreds…
30 October 2014

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