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RCS Tanks and Atomizers

Replacement coil systems tanks and atomizers

The Replacement Coil System concept, or RCS for short, can appear somewhat complicated to the uninitiated but they really are simple to use and maintain and provide an excellent vaping performance with the cost effectiveness that comes from the core design feature of being able to replace just the small atomizer unit.

All RCS atomizers work in the same way and have a similar construction. They consist of: a mouthpiece, a fluid container, a base screw thread fitting (which is a 510 thread that fits the majority of our batteries and VV devices) and a replaceable atomizer coil.

The replaceable atomizer element consists of a wicking material, which feeds the heating element with e-liquid. The heating element is wound around the centre of the wick to allow for the e-liquid to be transported to the heating coil. The heating element is similar to a light bulb filament, in that it has a coil of wire connected to a power source, which heats when power is applied vaporizing the e-liquid to produce the vapor.

When the tank is filled with e-liquid the wick absorbs the fluid and constantly feeds it to the heating element. When the user inhales and power is applied to the coil, the air is drawn up the central column and across the heated coil where it combines with the heat to atomize the e-liquid and carry the vapor through the mouthpiece to the user.

This configuration works extremely effectively, delivering consistent volumes of vapor and flavor on each use. The advantage of the RCS is that when, due to natural efficiency loss over time, the vapor production starts to reduce or flavor quality starts to decline you only need to change the heating element of the device, which is simply done by removing and replacing with a fresh one.

Our RCS devices are divided into family series to help make navigation simple. The main attributes are outlined below, to discover more simply click the section to be taken to that series home page. All our kits are listed such that you can understand clearly what each product provides and the options available.

small-support (3) Need more information on Replacement Coil Systems? Visit our Support Section here.


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